Triple Finale Rack
15 - 5 Inch Mortars


3" Angle Rack
with 3 - 3" Plugged Tubes

For Star Mines and 
Roman Candle Barrages


Mortars and solid plugs

Sizes from 1-7/8"  up to  12"

Kastner HDPE Mortars and Racks

Our racks are made from quality lumber and are glued & screwed together for excellent durability. We fasten our plugs with construction screws, not drywall screws, for strength & durability.

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Finale Rack, 10 - 3 Inch Mortars

Finale Rack, 5 - 5 Inch Mortars

1-7/8 inch Final Racks with fold out legs for stability on any hard, flat surface! Includes 6 HDPE 1-7/8" sdr 11 pipes with wood plugs. Actual inside diameter of pipe is 1-7/8" so it's perfect for all artillery shells - canisters or ball shells!

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1-7/8" Angle Barrage Rack

18 - 1-7/8" tubes. Perfect finale for the home show.

Custom Built Heavy Duty Shoot Trailers
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